Never assume that you are getting the best deal available for your gas or electricity. There are plenty of websites to help you find the provider best suited to your needs and budget, so shop around for gas and electricity.

There has been much media coverage and debate in recent years concerning ever rising energy costs. It is important when you move into a new home that you make certain your fuel and telecommunication arrangements are the best for your purposes.

1. If you have purchased a new-build, make sure that on the day of legal completion, the developer reads the meter for all metered services i.e. gas, electricity and water and, provides you with a signed/dated copy of the readings.

2. They should then contact the utility provider to inform them that you are the new owner from that date. It is never a bad idea that you also do the same – just to be sure it is done and for this make sure you provide details of the serial numbers for each of the meters concerned (usually located on the meters themselves).

3. If you are not buying a new build then again make sure you take a meter reading at the date of legal ownership and contact the utility providers in the same way as above.

4. You are not required to stay with the same energy or tele-coms providers – and it isĀ always a good idea to have a look about to see if there are better deals to be had elsewhere.


There is a plethora of new technology on the market to help you monitor fuel usage and save money through the more efficient use of energy.

Some devices are available at a cost – others are freely available! Many new build properties will be fitted with ‘smart’ meters which use Bluetooth technology that enables a small free standing device to monitor how much gas and electricity you are consuming – this will help you obtain the greatest efficiency possible.


Here are some of the best web sites for comparing utility suppliers with one another:

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