The standards required of a builder constructing a new home are set-out by the warranty provider. If you experience a problem with a new-build a good start point is to check your 10 year policy (see our WARRANTY page).

Explain the nature of your problem to your developer and, if it is a genuine build defect, they will be obligated to put this right (as long as this was reported within the 2 years from legal completion date).

It’s important to understand the difference between a defect and home maintenance (which will always be the property owner’s responsibility).


And for the most part – it is!

But from time-to-time, things can go wrong so we hope this site will help you if that should happen to you. Managing Your New Home will help support you in everything you need or want to know.

We are here to make your life easier and, if it get’s difficult, we can explain your options and introduce you to specialist advisors. You don’t need to struggle on your own – there’s a lot of information on our site – take a look!


In today’s APP world it would be inconceivable not to have the benefits an APP can provide a new home owner! Managing Your New Home is designed to do just that. If you have, or are about to purchase a brand  new home then download the APP today – it’s FREE and packed with helpful information.

  • How to report a defect or an emergency.
  • What is a defect?
  • Use our amazingWARRANTY CHECKLISTto see how to manage your problem and who best to contact.
  • Hints and tips on home maintenance (even new homes need maintaining).
  • Vital telephone numbers.
  • Access to warranty providers.
  • How-to instructional videos (How-to bleed a radiator / How-to re-pressurise a boiler).
  • Appliances – looking after them and the importance of completing the warranty cards.
  • Maintaining boiler/alarm system service intervals.

Managing Your New Home is unique in it’s ability to provide all of this information which we will continue to add to as time goes by.


Managing Your New Home is  designed to provide the new home purchaser with useful information to help you through the process of settling in to a brand new home. It’s a FREE yet valuable resource to help get the very best from the experience. 

Not only do we cover what to do if something goes wrong, but we also offer tips and help in maintaining your property over the months and years ahead.


Got problems with your Heating and Hot Water? See our help page on BOILERS.

Thinking of tackling the decorating? See our help page on DIY.

Bought a brand new house and not clear what cover you have? See our help page on WARRANTY.

Things getting on top of you and need a spot of guidance? See our help page on HELP AND ADVICE.


Even the very best of new homes can suffer minor ‘defects’ during the early stages following occupation. Don’t forget, this is a ‘hand-built’ product and during construction utilises materials with a water content (paint, plaster, cement etc.) and this needs to thoroughly dry out.

Most developers have their own procedure and will explain this to you. Many developers use a specialist company called After Build who manage the process on their behalf. Most problems are small, often decorative and minor plumbing.

It is not a good idea to call in your own contractor and then expect the developer to foot the bill as they are unlikely to accept that. The developer is obligated during the ‘Builder’s Rectification Period’ to make these arrangements for you – as long as the issue is a legitimate build defect.

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